Quality Measurement

All postal operators are expected to meet quality targets set by the authorities for the domestic mail service performance and thus compelled to measure own quality performance through the whole postal supply chain, from first mile to last mile.

Relying on the Commotive data capture network already established, the postal operator is able to measure quality performance by sending unmarked test letters through the supply chain and thus identify bottle necks or problem areas within the supply chain.

The test letters are battery powered and tagged electronically enabling to automatically register date and time from the letter leaves a sender panellist and passes all the Commotive data capture units in mailboxes, vehicles and postal buildings till it arrives at the receiver panellist, where a Z unit also will register date and time of the arrival in the letter box of the panellist.

All data captured from this test letter system are processed via a Commotive developed software, customised for the purpose with a wide range of options for different quality analysis and reports. Same test letter can easily be used for quality measurements of other process flows, e.g. parcels.