Material Handling

All postal operators are confronted with the challenge of managing their load carriers within the logistic network. They are striving to ensure that e.g. the required roll containers always are available at the customers’ premises and within the postal operator’s various facilities.

With a Commotive data capture network already established with Z4 units installed in both collection and distribution hubs as well as sorting centres and the Z3 unit in all vehicles, it is easy to set up a tracking system of e.g. the postal operator’s roll containers.

Roll containers are equipped with a Commotive battery powered tag which will be registered automatically every time the container is leaving or arriving to a postal building and every time it is loaded or unloaded from a postal vehicle. Thus, the location of the containers will always be visible.

A specially developed Commotive software gives the postal operator full visibility via his web interface of the whereabouts of all his containers including a visualisation on maps with exact position of the containers. The material tracking system will thus increase significantly the performance visibility, improve the material balance in the logistic network and avoid expensive losses of material.