Mailbox collection

All postal operators are facing the same challenge in their mail collection process. To be able to monitor and document the quality of the process. With the Commotive electronic devices installed in the mailboxes, cars and mail sorting centers, the system will automatically capture objective data generating quality reports about when and by whom the mailbox was emptied.

Every mail box is equipped with the Commotive battery driven electronic unit, Z1, which will transmit data about its ID and time of collection to the Z3 unit mounted in the car. Opening of the door of the mailbox by the postal employee will automatically activate the data transfer – thus no manual operations are required. Once the car returns to the mail sorting center all data captured during the mail collection tour will instantly be transmitted to a Commotive Z4 unit installed in the postal building.

From this Z4 unit a LAN connection will transfer the data to a central server from which a web interface will give the postal operator direct access to all necessary quality measurements of the mailbox collection process. The report structure enables to analyze data per time period (day, week, month) and geographically, per site, per route or per complete area including a clear visualisation on maps.

Apart from obtaining a truly reliable quality measurement system for the mail collection system, the postal organization will get additional benefits from a better monitoring of their vehicles and optimised planning of the mail collection routes. And in case of outsourcing of the process to third parties, the postal operator will have an efficient monitoring tool of the external partner.