Fleet Management

For all postal operators efficient use of their vehicles is crucial, as well regarding operational costs as the environmental impact. For that purpose, Commotive has developed a vehicle tracking system enabling to monitor exactly the route and mileage of each vehicle owned by the postal operator.
The Commotive Z3 electronic unit with built-in GPS is connected to the battery of the postal vehicle. All starts and stops of the vehicle are registered together with the trip data. As soon as the vehicle gets close to a postal building with a Z4 unit installed, the Z3 unit will automatically transmit all latest trip data of the vehicle and via the LAN connection of the Z4 unit, all data are transferred to a central server. The Commotive developed software will via a web interface give the postal operator valuable, historic data on mileage and exact position of each vehicle including visualisation on maps.
The tracking system gives the postal operator a unique data basis for optimising the vehicle fleet in terms of size and utilisation also respecting the environment regarding reduction of CO2 emission.