From Nationwide Infrastructure to Golden Opportunities

Commotive A/S has developed a complete new and innovative data capture system specially designed to support the postal industry with some of their key production processes.

The patented technology is based on a range of electronic devices able to automatically capture process data through two-way radio communication in a reliable and cost effective way. The devices transmit and share information on ID, time, place, positions etc. Further processing of data is handled by standard software, customized for the purpose with a wide range of options for different analysis and reporting. Data are accessible via a web interface protected behind the customer’s user name and password.

The data network thus established by the postal operator within its own infrastructure of mail boxes, vehicles, buildings and load carriers gives a complete geographical coverage of a country, thus opening for non-postal business opportunities for the postal operator. The data network can easily benefit other business partners such as e.g. insurance companies, municipalities or construction companies to locate lost/stolen items or capture mileage data from cars. These items just need to be equipped with some of the Commotive electronic units and the postal network will be able to track these objects.