About us

Commotive A/S was established in 2006 by Mr. Mikael Jensen who today is the owner and CEO of the company. Prior to this he was owner of two successful telecommunication companies, JMI Telecom Europe and DanTrack, which both were purchased by large, European groups. Commotive is located close to Aalborg in Denmark – known as Denmark’s answer to Silicon Valley. This is where some of the world’s leading companies within the communication industry have set up their R&D facilities.
It is Commotive’s vision to design unique solutions for the optimisation of the postal processes and on top of this to further develop its patented tracking platform.
The Commotive technology has already been highly appreciated by the postal industry since Post Danmark in 2010 concluded a contract with Commotive for several thousand units equipping their buildings, cars, mailboxes and load carriers.
Commotive’s objective is to continue the enhancement and development of its product platform to meet customers’ need with its knowhow about wireless communication.
We strive to keep improving our concept, and to help us doing that, we always welcome interested enquiries.